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July 22, 2019

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of building a custom home

Advice from someone who’s done the hard yards Beth and Kory’s journey to building their new home is a classic ‘Why To’ for people considering doing the same. Picture the…
July 4, 2019

4 reasons a design-centred builder should build your dream home

When building your new home there are many choices to make, not least of which is selecting a builder to partner with. For many new home builders, pre-formed solutions are…
June 4, 2019

Four BIG reasons why the housing market is looking up

At a time of economic uncertainty, we are witnessing the unique convergence of four major factors that may just signal the recovery of the housing market. 1. A surprise coalition…

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What a dream come true to build my own home. Could not have asked for a better team to help me achieve that.
Thank you so much to Brad, Bec and the whole Roberson Construction team it has been and absolutely fantastic experience.
Your attention to detail and ease of communication throughout the whole build was exceptional. It has truly been a pleasure dealing with you and you have built us a home that we love and will many happy times in for years to come.

Tracy Creasy

We had a vision for our new home and Roberson Construction were all too happy to bring our vision to life. Brad only ever added value throughout the whole process drawing upon his knowledge, expertise and eye for detail. Brad and his team really looked after us every step of the way and were nothing but accommodating of our wishes at each phase of the build. We had a vision and Roberson Constructions delivered exactly what we wanted. We love our new home!

Dave & Kate MarshallAllGlass Wagga

Dear Brad,
We are writing to let you know that how pleased we are with our new home and the experiences we had working with Roberson construction.It was so nice to work with a builder who always had an open mind to new ideas.You treated as with courtesy and respect and were always there when we had questions and concerns.Thanks again for completing this project for us in a professional and timely manner.We appreciate your efforts and results and would not hesitate to recommend you to others ,which we guess is the highest compliment.

Denny and Biju

"There was never, ever a problem. Never an issue with Robbo, it just went smoothly and I just sing his praises."

Aura Brooks

"Every time I looked for something to whinge about I couldn’t find anything, so he was too good."

Eve Crawford

"He was just so easy to get along with. He was always on site. He was always there to solve the problems."

Jack Graham

“I went through the internet and I found a picture of exactly what I wanted and they tracked it down and that’s what we got, and it was really nice to know that you have a builder that will just bend over backwards to get what you want and make it happen.”

Zak Reid

“I build with him simply because he’s honest, number one, and he does what he says he’ll do.”


“He’s just a good guy. He’s worthwhile building with. He’s perfection in my opinion and I’ve dealt with a lot.”


“He’s just a good guy. He’s worthwhile building with. He’s perfection in my opinion and I’ve dealt with a lot.”


"Without a doubt, Brad has to be the best experience we’ve had."


“I think Brad builds every house as if it’s his own and he’s going to live in it personally. His attention to detail, his professionalism and the way he conducts himself and his team is really good. They’re just a good bunch of guys.”