Sustainability and efficiency (Accreditation/Certification)

We care about the environment

Your peace of mind guarantee

Our commitment to you doesn’t just end when you turn the key.

Not only can you be confident that Roberson Construction is a registered member of the Housing Industry Association and (other accreditations such as MBA) with 20+ years of industry experience, you’ll always have peace of mind with our 3, 12 and 18 month guarantees.

We’re so invested in your dream that we want you to love your house as much as we do. If you do experience a problem, no matter how big or how small, you just need to let us know and we will work with you until the problem is resolved. Simple.

How long have you been in the business?

Roberson Construction started in 2011 when Brad finally took the leap from happy employee to even happier business owner. Having started his trade in 1997, Brad has been in the industry for more than 20 years now and only has plans to continue and pass on his experience to the rest of the team.

What are Brad’s accreditations?

Brad is a Certified Builder with a Certificate III in Carpentry and a Certificate IV in Construction. His Builder’s Licence number is XXXX

Should I be wary of hidden costs?

No. Not with Roberson Construction. We believe the only surprise you should have when building a home is how happy you are with the finished result. We are completely upfront with all costs and our processes ensure that all of your desired inclusions are factored in right from the start.

If there are any unforeseen changes along the way to your inclusions, we will always discuss them in detail to ensure you maintain clear sight of the bottom line.

I have no idea where to start. Can you help?

Of course! Building a home can be daunting experienced team is here to help. Between us, we have built many homes and have also worked out what we think is the most thorough yet simple process for building the home of your dreams. It all starts with a chat about you, your family, your needs and dreams. From there, we’ll walk you through every step of the way.

Do you offer house and land packages?

Yes. We always have house and land packages available – it’s all part of our commitment to providing something to suit your dream and budget. Of course, the packages available are always changing, so make sure to keep an eye on the latest offers.

I’m looking for a one-of-a-kind design. How can I know I won’t see ‘my’ design in every suburb?

We pride ourselves on our custom-built approach. Everything we do is built around you, your personal style, your needs and your dreams. We’ll combine your ideas with our knowledge and experience to design a home that is as unique as you are.

How many houses do you build in a year? How do I know you’ll prioritise my build?

Every house build is different and depending on the type of homes we’re working on, our overall client load will vary. While we thrive on being busy, we value each and every client the same and will always treat your project with the same level of commitment to exceptional customer service and on-time delivery. This makes us very cautious when accepting jobs, and you can be sure that we only ever take on as much work as will allow us to maintain the high standards of customer service and craftmanship that we are known for

How long will my build take?

In our contracts, we generally allow 26 weeks, depending on the house type and style and individual client choices. We maintain a tight schedule and you can be sure we hold our tradies and suppliers to the same standards.

Who do you work with?

Over the years, we’ve established strong relationships with other trades and suppliers that align with our business values. We only work with people who share our commitment to quality products and services, and those who work well to our tight scheduling demands.

See our list of preferred suppliers

What happens if I notice defects after completion?

At Roberson Construction, we stake our name on every build and take great care in getting all the details just right. We are so confident in our work that we extend the industry standard commitment to a 90 days defects liability period from the time of handover. If any defects are found, we will respond to your notification as soon as possible and guarantee to follow up within 90 days.

Where can we see your work?

First take a look at our image gallery, or to see our handiwork up close head out to our display home at Brunslea Park (167 Paperbark Drive). Alternatively, Brad will happily take you through any current builds so you can also get a feel for how we operate.

I want to know a little more. Can I talk to your previous clients?

We have a many happy customers that are only too pleased to share their Roberson experience. You can see what some have to say in our short video or we can arrange a one-on-one with one of our past customers at your request.

Can I talk to Brad anytime?

Unfortunately for Bec, Brad’s phone is always on and he is very willing to go the extra mile for our customers. While we encourage a healthy respect for business hours, we understand that an open line of communication throughout the process is critical to ensuring our customers are happy, so give him a call on 0459 290 792.