4 reasons a design-centred builder should build your dream home

July 4, 2019, 3:27 pm

When building your new home there are many choices to make, not least of which is selecting a builder to partner with. For many new home builders, pre-formed solutions are a fine option but for those who want a custom-designed and custom-built home that is uniquely their own, a “cookie cutter” approach simply won’t cut it. They need a builder who can translate their vision into reality and be a partner in the process. 

Whether it is helping to draw up your plan or fitting out your home, a design-centred builder uses every ounce of their expertise and experience to make sure your ideas are understood, your plans are carefully prepared and followed and you are communicated with all the way; for peace of mind and to achieve the best results for you: to deliver your dream on time and on budget.

Here are four reasons why your new custom home build will benefit from a design-centred builder.

  1. You’ll save time and money

Building codes, building materials, new technologies and building techniques are just a few of the many variables a skilled building team will efficiently and economically incorporate into your custom design and build. 

A design-centred builder will have a team to assist you in preparing for success and happiness, by simplifying the complex and providing reliable information and advice. They’ll know the tricks and traps of the industry and how to use them to your advantage. They’ll help you make good decisions by guiding you through the planning and procurement process, recommending trusted suppliers and tradespeople and integrating these efficiencies through the construction phase of the project. Time is money when building a house so take the time pre-construction to ensure you have a well-designed home and a well-planned project.

  1. You’ll shift from confusion to clarity

We all love to dream and compile wish-lists but there are traps for beginners when building homes, such as hidden costs, technical and practical limitations. These can quickly turn nice design ideas into a clutter of confusion and disappointment.

Regardless of whether the vision for your new home is grand or humble, there is great complexity in turning dreams into reality. A design-centred building team is expert at de-cluttering! Having a design-centred builder who listens to your needs and understands your dreams is the best approach to realising your vision. They will help you work through all your ideas and inspiration to find the perfect fit for your style, lifestyle and budget.

  1. You’ll get what you planned

Once your dream is documented on paper or CAD it is then re-interpreted by a group of tradespeople and other specialists who turn them into real world constructions. Any misinterpretation of these designs can result in costly errors and uncertainty about how elements come together. A hands-on and ever-present design-centred builder is critical when solutions aren’t found simply ‘off the shelf’.

Your design-centred builder thinks in these terms and their team will be highly skilled in making sure your design needs are translated into clear directions for all the people contributing to your project. Together they ensure that any issues or problems are solved in real time, with your input and approval; smoothing the bumps by identifying and engaging the responsible person to create solutions and resolve challenges quickly.

  1. You’ll be on trend

Any true design-centred builder will have a specialist designer or stylist on the team whose core value is to offer their eye for detail and design.

Great stylists and designers are up to date with global trends in layout, colours and materials and are able to pull all of this together to make sure your inspiration is translated into brilliant reality. Their input places your house at the front of design trends which not only helps protect the value of your home into the future but ensures your house stands out on the street.

All that remains is for you to proudly enjoy a home that is a beautiful expression of you.

For more information on Roberson’s approach to design-centred building, you can click here to book a no cost, no obligation Inspiration Meeting with in-house stylist, Rebecca and start to turn your ideas and dreams into design.