Build your dream in Wagga Wagga

February 28, 2019, 1:06 am

They say Wagga Wagga is so good they named it twice but in fact the name is the plural form for many birds (crows) in the original dialect. And like the original word for the abundant “big water” (Murrumbidgee) that runs through the city, for eons Wagga has been a land of plenty.

Wagga continues to punch above its weight and is today much more than the home of the iconic Chiko Roll and the extraordinary number of sporting heroes it has produced. Today, Wagga Wagga is home to a growing number of young families who enjoy a regional city that provides extraordinary opportunities to fulfil their dreams; the dream of living in a progressive and close-knit community with excellent economic and employment prospects, great schools, comprehensive health systems and a vibrant social culture.

ABS forecasting predicts Wagga Wagga is entering a sustained phase of population growth and projections suggest Wagga’s population will grow 22% to approximately 81,000 within the next twenty years. With future growth coming principally from people 25-39 with familiesfrom metro Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, the associated social and economic expansion means the future for Wagga is looking bright…so now might be a good time to make the move!
Over the next twenty yearsdwellings in Wagga are predicted to increase by an average of 320 per annum with Estella, Lloyd, Bomen, and Forest Hill best positioned to cater to the land and construction needs offamilies seeking four-bedroom homes in the $420-460k range.

Estella’s population is forecast to grow 123% by 2036 with the greatest population change forecast for the period to 2021. Construction will increase by an average of 90 dwellings per annum to 2,789 in 2036 with the greatest increase in the ‘Couple families with dependents’ household type. Lloyd will increase by an average of 70 dwellings per annum to 2,428 in 2036.

Wagga Wagga is on the crest of a sustained period of growth and the market currently offers an exceptional opportunity for families seeking new buildswho operate within a small budgetary frame around $450K. At this price point buyers can be selective about the quality of inclusions and realise that the dream home and lifestyle is within reach.

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