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Rebecca Roberson – In-House Style Consultant

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas

Rebecca is a student and lover of interior design.

Rebecca’s greatest professional joy is helping clients navigate an area of new home construction that can be as equally overwhelming and stressful as it can be satisfying and inspirational.

Rebecca immerses herself in the study of emerging trends in home and interior design from around the world to find inspiration and ideas to incorporate into every premium new home built by Roberson Construction.

Rebecca is a valuable resource to both challenge and support the design and fit out process for your new home. By first listening to your needs and aspirations to quickly understand your vision and dreams, Rebecca then uses her vast imagination and immense bank of knowledge and references to assist and inspire the development of concepts and designs. Rebecca will expand your thinking of what is capable to achieve a great design result and to realise your new home dream in its fullest.