May 2, 2019, 4:38 pm


Wagga Wagga is the regional capital of New South Wales and should be on your radar if you are thinking about your future.
Wagga is a great alternative if you are tired of the big smoke and want to rediscover community and lifestyle, get bang-for buck housing, get a job or establish a business and provide a future for your family.
Being a regional centre of scale means you’ll find enough opportunity, diversity and community in Wagga to achieve success and  satisfaction.
Wagga is growing and now is the time to take the opportunity to move to a city with a future.

Here’s five reasons to consider Wagga for your next move:

1. A growing economy with exceptional employment and business opportunities
If you are looking for a vibrant and growing economic hub then join the five and a half thousand registered businesses who drive Wagga’s gross regional product to a whopping $3.7 billion annually. The main sectors driving value in Wagga are Defence, Health, Education, Construction and Manufacturing on the back of sustained population growth, established infrastructure and institutions, plus very high historic (and future) levels of state and federal government investment.
Thirty two thousand people are employed in Wagga (employment levels are higher than state and national averages), providing goods and services to a local catchment of over 185,000 people. If your horizons are broader, then consider this; 75% of Australia’s population is within a 5 hour drive and Wagga’s exceptional connectivity via road, rail and air to Australia’s major cities and ports, makes it a strategic transport centre for new and expanding businesses.
Wagga receives over 1.3million visitors each year who are drawn by the area’s natural attributes, established and emerging tourism product and more than 650 sporting, cultural and business events every year.
With population forecast to continue growing rapidly, the future looks bright for people seeking work or a place to start or to grow their business. For more information about Wagga’s economic capacity read this Economic Snapshot

2. A dream lifestyle where you can be a part of a vibrant community
Wagga is a great place to work but when it’s time to relax, we find that we don’t even have to leave town to feel like we are on holiday. Everyone dreams about work/life balance and the truth is that no matter where you live life is as busy as you make it. That shouldn’t mean ‘out-of-your-control’ busy though, so why not choose to live the life you want to, not the life you have to?
Wagga offers a huge range of lifestyle activities and opportunities and it is bought together by a connected and progressive community. Wagga is big enough to discover new things every day and small enough to feel a part of a warm and welcoming community where you can set your own pace.
Wagga is best known for its sporting culture and its natural assets including the beautiful Murrumbidgee river and our stunning parks and gardens with so many great land and water based recreational activities to enjoy. What is less know is our emerging food & wine, arts & culture and wellness scene. We are seeing world class wineries, microbrewers, cafes and fine dining alongside beautiful galleries, museums and pop up activations.
If you don’t know Wagga, then why not come for a weekend and check it out? At the very least, you’ll have a great weekend discovering a few gems and who knows, maybe you’ll even discover your future home.

3. A comprehensive range of education and training resources
Whether you are raising a family or extending your own skills and learning potential, Wagga can service your education and training needs.
Wagga has a comprehensive mix of public and private primary schools (twenty four in total) and secondary schools (eight in all) along with ten Preschools and twenty seven Early Childhood Centres.
Charles Sturt University, the University of New South Wales, Univeristy of Notre Dame and TAFE NSW all have campuses in Wagga along with RAAF, Kapooka Army Recruit Training Centre and Australian Airline Pilot Training Academy offering career training and skills development opportunities.

4. A property market that offers genuine value
The previous three reasons combined with a Median House price of $347,728 means Wagga can offer you incomparable bang for your housing buck. Where else can you have the dream home and the dream lifestyle all for under $400K?
From heritage CBD and riverfront homes, to land, estate and acreage options, Wagga Wagga has something for all tastes and budgets.

If you are looking to build your new custom home then check out our tips for choosing a new home builder.

5. A great future for Wagga and for you
Wagga Wagga boasts an established community and economy that is growing rapidly and not many metro or regional centres can truly say that. With growth comes opportunity and while today Wagga can offer you a great lifestyle, establishing yourself in Wagga can set you and your family up for a successful future full of potential.
Moving to a regional area holds a layer of uncertainty for many people, particularly those living city lifestyles. The unknowns around employment and business opportunities, the quality of education, social life and the cost of housing are the right questions to ask.
We love Wagga and if you are considering your options for a secure and happy future then come visit us to answer those questions and discover the wealth of opportunities that await in Wagga.

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